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Why you should choose in an in-wall toilet

BY Cook & Bathe

When John Harington – playwright, author and English courtier – invented the first flushing toilet back in 1596, he may or may not have flirted with the idea of hiding as much of the toilet within the wall of his Tudor bathroom as he could. But to be fair, the man had nine children to think about, and the plague had swept through London just three years earlier, so he probably didn’t really think to incorporate an in-wall flush system into his wood panelling. He was lucky to be alive, let alone be thinking about aesthetics!

Things are thankfully different for the modern renovator. While the essential design and function of the toilet has not really changed that much over the centuries, there are fantastic options for those who desire a little more freedom in their bathroom designs. Enter the in-wall or wall facing toilet.

A wall facing toilet is a clean toilet

A wall facing toilet is a clean toilet

Due to their size, sleek design, elevated position off the ground, and attached position to a wall, in-wall or wall facing toilets and the space around them are easy to keep clean. Many modern wall facing toilets also include new design amendments that maximise the toilet’s ability to maintain its cleanliness with a more effective flushing system.

Smaller in size but greater in effect

Toilet colour palettes can often be very hard to effectively integrate in a bathroom design, if not be off-putting. Black toilets can be especially cumbersome, bulky and imposing when incorporated into a traditional toilet suite. Wall facing toilets allow for more play with colour palettes as their size makes them less imposing, which in turn provides more room for experimentation.

In-wall toilets come in many forms

A diversity of shapes and sizes allow in-wall toilets to be incorporated into a greater variety of bathroom designs, such as the above geometric design, in which a more traditional curved toilet would sit uncomfortably.

A space-saver’s dream come true

Wall facing toilets are the bee’s knees to a minimalist and those running short on space. A godsend for those fans of the ‘tiny house’ movement, wall facing toilets allow for a greater sense of space within those volumetrically-challenged bathrooms, while limiting the impact of a toilet on the designs of a minimalist bathroom.

Freedom to get away from the perimeter

The need to have the cistern of an in-wall toilet placed within a wall can sometimes be seen as a limitation (in the case of repairs, maintenance, installation), but for those willing to experiment with their bathroom designs, like in the above bathroom, an in-wall toilet can be placed within an internal dividing wall. This can solve an issue with maintenance access, while making the most of a bathroom’s size.

Adjustable for those of all sizes

The height of an in-wall toilet can be adjusted during its installation to be turned into a custom-designed toilet for its users. Note that the higher the seat, the less weight is potentially placed on the toilet suite, reducing the amount of wear-and-tear on the internal structures that hold it up.

An option for any designer

Simplicity underpins the design of an in-wall toilet suite, which is why they are fantastic options for every possible bathroom design out there. Minimalist designs suit them particularly well, especially when an in-wall toilet can be used to complement a similarly-styled bathroom sink and bath suite. An in-wall toilet’s simple design also allows it to sit back as an understated ornament within much busier designs or even be incorporated into a themed suite, such as the below design.

A wall facing toilet is an investment for those who want the extra freedom to create more considered and novel bathroom designs, without sacrificing on usability, quality or uniformity.

Luxury, luxury, luxury

In-wall toilets are commonly used in hotels as they are considered a luxury bathroom amenity. In addition to a well-designed and situated bathtub and shower, an in-wall toilet can have a large impact on creating a luxury retreat within the home, where users can take respite within their own private sanctuary.

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