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Seima Waste for Odessa/Eva/Cleo Sinks White

Seima Waste for Odessa/Eva/Cleo Sinks White

SKU: 192709
$66.00 $52.80

Seima presents its tailored Waste collection meticulously engineered to complement the Odessa, Eva, and Cleo sinks, offering unparalleled functionality and seamless integration. Designed with precision and crafted from durable materials, these waste fittings provide efficient waste management solutions uniquely suited to each sink model's requirements. Whether you're in need of a basket waste, pop-up waste, or other waste fittings, Seima's diverse range ensures you'll find the perfect match for your needs. Elevate your kitchen experience by upgrading your Seima sink with these dedicated wastes, ensuring reliable performance and enhancing convenience for all your culinary endeavours.

Wastes to suit Odessa, Eva and Cleo ceramic sinks, with colour options
Colour options: Black, White, Brushed Gold, Gunmetal, Stainless steel (Brushed Nickel)
Stainless steel construction/plastic
Please note: Odessa, Eva and Cleo sinks are supplied with Stainless Steel/Brushed Nickel wastes as standard. Colour wastes are an optional extra, to be ordered separately.

2 years

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