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Seima Odessa 560 Dual Mount Sink Abovemount/Undermount White

Seima Odessa 560 Dual Mount Sink Abovemount/Undermount White

SKU: 192421
$847.00 $677.60

Introducing the Seima Odessa 560 Dual Mount Sink, a versatile and stylish addition that effortlessly adapts to your kitchen preferences. This sink is ingeniously designed for both above-mount and undermount installations, allowing you to tailor it to your aesthetic vision and spatial requirements. Crafted with precision from high-quality materials, the Odessa 560 features a generously sized basin, catering to various kitchen tasks with ease. The dual-mount flexibility ensures seamless integration into any countertop, providing a sleek and modern appearance. Whether you prefer a classic above-mount look or a seamless undermount finish, this sink combines functionality with contemporary design, offering a sophisticated centrepiece for your culinary space. Elevate your kitchen experience with the adaptability and elegance of the Seima Odessa 560 Dual Mount Sink.

Abovemount, Undermount
1 bowl
Fireclay ceramic, white gloss surface
Hygienic smooth surface with durable, anti-bacterial glaze
Resistant to high temperatures, scratch resistant

Dimension : 565W x 460D x 200H MM

30 years

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