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Electrolux 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher Stainless Steel

Electrolux 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher Stainless Steel


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60cm built under dishwasher with ComfortLift, MaxiFlex cutlery drawer, AirDry technology, beam on floor cycle indicator and 14 place settings.

ComfortLift makes it easy to load and unload. It is the first of its kind, making it easier than ever to load and unload your dishes. The unique hinge mechanism allows you to gently lift the lower rack, meaning you no longer need to bend down low to load and unload heavy plates, platters, pots, and pans.
MaxiFlex drawer space can be adapted to the load. Accommodates everything from spoons to spatulas. From multiple cutlery sets to over-sized utensils, the flexible dividers mean you can customise the drawer according to the load. Flatware is kept separate from larger items and the added depth increases the capacity for each cycle.
SoftGrips and SoftSpikes gently support your delicate glasses, safeguarding them from damage, while the dedicated glassware program means you no longer have to hand wash.
SatelliteClean reaches all items with water jets, shoots multiple jets of water into every corner of the dishwasher to ensure every item is thoroughly cleaned. The double rotation movement continuously changes the angle of the water jets to ensure maximum coverage, delivering outstanding cleaning results.
ExtraHygiene removes 99.99% bacteria and viruses.
Status Check From A Distance. Beam-on-Floor shows you when its time to unload.
AirDry, allows natural airflow in towards the end of the cycle ensuring dry dishes.
Eco program is water and energy efficient.
Energy Star Rating: 3.5

Dimension : 596W x 570D x 818H(mm)

2 years

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