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Bravat Ely Wing Intelligent Toilet

Bravat Ely Wing Intelligent Toilet

SKU: ZTT-301

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The Bravat Ely Wing Intelligent Toilet is a state-of-the-art bathroom fixture that seamlessly combines elegant design with cutting-edge technology. Its sleek and modern appearance, characterised by clean lines and a streamlined silhouette, enhances the aesthetic appeal of any bathroom. Beyond its visually stunning features, this intelligent toilet boasts a range of advanced functions, including automated seat heating, personalised cleansing options, integrated bidet functionality, and adjustable water temperature and pressure. The toilet also incorporates smart sensors that detect user presence, activating the lid and seat accordingly, and a self-cleaning feature that ensures hygiene and convenience. With its fusion of sophistication and innovation, the Bravat Ely Wing Intelligent Toilet revolutionises the bathroom experience, offering a luxurious and effortless approach to personal hygiene.

About This Product

Range: Elf.Wing
Model: ZTT-301
Colour: White
Seat: Automatic
Installation: Back to Wall
Material: Ceramic
Working Pressure: 250Kpa – 500Kpa
Applicable Voltage: AC 220-240V/50hz
S Trap: 150mm-300mm
P Trap: 180mm
AUTOMATIC FLUSH: Hygienic touchless flush to avoid cross-contamination of germs with advanced sensor range.
ADJUSTABLE SEAT TEMPERATURE: Seat temperature is adjustable according to individual’s needs, avoiding cold seat during a freezing day.
INTIMATE HYGIENE: Automatic deodorising to create a pleasant and fresh scent for the best experience.
SELF CLEANING NOZZLE: our advanced automatic water cleaning nozzle can bring you convenience and superiority, as it will automatically clean itself with water after each uses, ensures a hygienic lifestyle.
AIR DRY FUNCTION: Enjoy a comfortable warmth in the morning in a cold weather with convenience.
SMART SENSOR: Lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed.
AROMA PURIFICATION: Innovative technology designed specifically to enhance user experience, incorporating Aromatherapy purification in our intelligent toilet to add an extra pleasant fragrant scent in your bathroom.
SOFT NIGHT LIGHT: Our built-in nightlight is helps elders and kids reduce the risk of falling during night time.
Rear Cleansing
Female Cleansing
Smart Remote Control
Foot Induction Flush

Dimension : 689 x 395 x 468mm

3 Year(Conditions apply)

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