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Bravat Elf Wish Intelligent Toilet

Bravat Elf Wish Intelligent Toilet

SKU: ZTT-501
$6,798.99 $5,779.14

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The Bravat Elf Wish Intelligent Toilet is a high-tech bathroom fixture with smart features. It has a sensor-activated lid, adjustable bidet functions, and a self-cleaning capability. With a sleek design and intuitive controls, it offers a luxurious and convenient experience, setting a new standard in bathroom technology.

Range: Ely.Wish
Model: ZTT-501
Colour: White
Seat: Automatic
Installation: Back to wall
Material: Ceramic
Working Pressure: 250Kpa – 500Kpa
Applicable Voltage: AC 220-240V/50hz
S Trap: 150mm-300mm
P Trap: 180mm
AUTOMATIC FLUSH: Hygienic touchless flush to avoid cross-contamination of germs with advanced sensor range.
ADJUSTABLE SEAT TEMPERATURE: Seat temperature is adjustable according to individual’s needs, avoiding cold seat during a freezing day.
INTIMATE HYGIENE: Automatic deodorising to create a pleasant and fresh scent for the best experience.
SELF CLEANING NOZZLE: our advanced automatic water cleaning nozzle can bring you convenience and superiority, as it will automatically clean itself with water after each uses, ensures a hygienic lifestyle.
AIR DRY FUNCTION: Enjoy a comfortable warmth in the morning in a cold weather with convenience.
SMART SENSOR: Lid automatically opens and closes when the toilet is approached and departed.
AROMA PURIFICATION: Innovative technology designed specifically to enhance user experience, incorporating Aromatherapy purification in our intelligent toilet to add an extra pleasant fragrant scent in your bathroom.
SOFT NIGHT LIGHT: Our built-in nightlight is helps elders and kids reduce the risk of falling during night time.
Rear Cleansing
Female Cleansing
Smart Remote Control
Foot Induction Flush

Dimension : 686 x 395 x 499mm

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