Kitchen Sinks

Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen’s workhorse.

Complete your kitchen renovation with a sink that’s both stylish and practical. Selected from a range of Australian and internationally-renowned brands, our collection of kitchen sinks includes both single and double sinks in a variety of dimensions and configurations to fit your space, including inset, flushmount and undermount designs. You’ll find sleek and durable kitchen sinks made with exquisite craftsmanship in simple yet convenient designs, enabling you to efficiently execute your daily food prep and dish washing. Whether you are looking for a sink to compliment a traditional or contemporary aesthetic, you will find models to suit any kitchen style.

If you’re looking to keep up with the latest in kitchen design trends, you’ll find a collection of large inset sinks amongst Cook & Bathe’s range, along with a variety of materials to choose from. With matte and enamel surfaces increasing in popularity, these styles will emphasise bold, deep kitchen colours and perfectly compliment unfinished metals such as brass.

Combining a sleek aesthetic with versatile functionality, our modern range of sinks provides several practical features such as antibacterial action to remove smells, self cleaning action to resist limescale and stains, heat and sound insulation and impact resistance along with push-button plugs and pop-up waste baskets. Our range includes sinks crafted from high quality materials, in both stainless steel and granite.

Cook & Bathe’s wide range of kitchen sinks includes inset, undermount and flushmount sinks, along with sink accessories from a selection of high quality kitchen brands including Franke, Oliveri, HG and Bourne.


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Stainless Steel

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Special Price A$99.00


Stainless Steel



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