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Why You Should Consider A Kitchen Island

BY Cook & Bathe

As the trend in open floor plans continues to grow, so does the interest in kitchen islands. Kitchen Islands can provide more space and amenities to your floor plan, and can also offer more potential for entertaining. If you are building a new home or considering an update to your existing home, installing an island kitchen is definitely worth considering. Here are a few of the things a kitchen island can offer you.

Creates Visual Separation

Open floor plans are popular because space is not wasted on barriers like walls. When one room flows into another, naturally, it gives the place a sense of spaciousness. It also allows family members to see and interact with one another even when they are in different spaces. Sometimes, however, that flow can cause the purpose of each space to flow into another. An island in the kitchen creates a sort of visual barrier dividing the kitchen from the other areas without disrupting the flow. If you want to prevent children from taking food into the living area, for example, an island is a visual cue to let them know how far they can go.


Kitchens are places where homeowners appreciate having all of the storage they can get. If you have a large family or enjoy entertaining, the standard set of cabinetry may not be enough. A kitchen island allows you to have additional storage. Many islands have cabinets and drawers built into them, and having additional storage allows you to keep not only the items you use every day like plates and forks, but also items you do not use every day like an ice cream or waffle maker.

Additional Work Space

One of the most common complaints from family meal preparers is that there is never enough space in the kitchen. More than storage space, home chefs want preparation space. They are especially looking for the coveted "magic triangle," where everything they need to prepare a meal is no more than a step away. A kitchen island can provide you with additional preparation space in just the right place to help make meal preparation easy and efficient. In fact, it can also offer a place for additional amenities to help you prepare and clean up, including somewhere to put a cook top or an extra sink.

Dining Space

In an open floor plan, you may include a formal dining area. A formal dining area is great for evening meals or for entertaining, but when it is just the family in the midst of an average, busy weekday, a formal dining area may not be ideal. A kitchen island can provide additional seating with stools or chairs around the side opposite the kitchen. This adds a less formal dining space when you are trying to get the kids to eat some breakfast before getting them out the door to school. It can also be a great place for them to work on homework after school. A parent can be preparing dinner and helping children with school work all at the same time.

Social Gathering Area

Extra space for socialising is typically welcome at any time, but is especially nice when entertaining. Just as the children can sit at the kitchen island while working on school work, so too, can guests sit with a glass in hand as the host finishes off meal preparations. A wine fridge might also be a nice idea as part of the storage in the island. Hosts and guests alike can fetch drinks from it while waiting for their meals.

If you are thinking about updating your kitchen, you should consider whether a kitchen island is right for you. View Cook & Bathe's kitchen range online or head into our Flemington and Fawkner showrooms to chat to our kitchen experts.