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Why Have Dual Basins in a Bathroom?

BY Cook & Bathe

When it comes to designing your perfect bathroom there are a few key decisions to make, including whether you’ll choose a single basin or dual basins. We look at why you might choose to have dual basins in a bathroom.


It is more and more common, particularly for ensuite bathrooms, to have dual basins. The visual balance created by the inclusion of dual basins can be the anchor for the aesthetics of the entire bathroom. Not only can it allow for odd, rectangular spaces to be used more effectively but it can also create the focal point and be the main feature within the room. Dual basins have a luxurious, hotel-like feeling - which may be exactly what you’d look for in your dream bathroom renovation.

Photo by S&K Group - Discover bathroom design inspiration


There’s nothing worse than doing an interpretive dance around the bathroom sink as you and your partner both vie for a moment in front of the mirror. Dual sinks allow each person the physical and figurative space that they need to get ready for their day or wind down before bed. The ability to both be able to get ready simultaneously also saves precious time you can add back into your day.'


Dual basins also offer the allure of more storage space, and the ability for each person to have their designated area for their belongings. Extra storage space allows you to keep the bench space as clean as possible in order to carry that feeling of luxury right through your week.

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