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Three Tips for Selecting a Bathroom Vanity

BY Cook & Bathe

Making some updates to your home or building a new house is an exciting venture, and there are many important choices to make concerning what materials you will use, what type of layout you want, and how you will decorate it. You want each room to have the architectural detail that makes it attractive and the functionality that allows you to use it as it was designed. Whether it's the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom selecting each piece of furniture with forethought will ensure you get the overall best look and design that will be best for you in the future. Let's take a closer look at some design tips for creating great Melbourne bathrooms.

Every room has a focal point and a bathroom is no different. Your bathroom vanity unit is often the chosen centrepiece or focal point for the bathroom and will likely be centrally located to attract attention from the moment you enter. Even though it may be a small piece of furniture, it has the ability to speak powerfully. When looking for the right bathroom vanity for your home, keep the following three design elements in mind.


One of the first things you want to consider when looking for your new bathroom vanity is what type of style you want to portray. You can choose your bathroom style by what vanity you choose. Ask yourself the following questions... Do you want a rustic, woodsy look in your bathroom? Is your bathroom going to have a country look, or are you leaning toward a contemporary, modern look? And are you aiming for something fresh, and bright? You may prefer marble or crystal surfaces for an exquisite, tasteful look, or you may desire a style that is unique and uses natural light-coloured wood to brighten up your bathroom. Remember, the style will set the tone for your bathroom. Begin with your vanity and work your way around it with the rest of your decor.


The next consideration for selecting a vanity unit is the size. Remember every bathroom size is different, as some have plenty of room for larger vanities while other bathrooms are smaller and leave you with less room to work with. Some are long and narrow, while others may be a wide rectangular shape. Other bathrooms are L-shaped, which gives an interesting and sometimes challenging appearance, but the vanity you select should fit the size and shape of your own bathroom. For example, if you are short on floor space, you could consider a wall hung unit, as this frees up your floor for additional items. On the other hand, a larger bathroom would allow for a more spacious vanity.

Three Tips for Selecting a Bathroom VanityFunctionality

Finally, you need to consider the functionality of your bathroom vanity. What exactly will it contain? Is it going to be mostly for storing your bathroom toiletries or do you need a sink with the unit as well? In fact, you may need a vanity with two sink basins. Answering these questions will you determine which type of vanity suits you best. You may want a vanity for extra towels or maybe you like to stock up on small necessities such as shampoo, and soap, while other family members may need room for items such as a hairdryer, electric shaver or a collection of expensive fragrance.

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