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Planning more than one bathroom? Here's how to stick to your budget

BY Cook & Bathe

If you have more than one bathroom to renovate, balancing your budget can be a difficult task, and you might think that you cannot create the bathrooms you really want while sticking to a limited budget.

Thankfully, there are few measures you can put in place to help you achieve that dream bathroom, and importantly, stick to your budget. Arguably, the most useful piece of advice you can implement is to prioritise, and decide which bathroom is the most important and will get the most usage.

Your Own Bathroom

Generally speaking, your own bathroom should be the most important and hence the highest priority if you have more than one bathroom in your house. For some reason, many people try and equally divide their budget between bathrooms, and give them both the same layout, style and colour schemes. But approaching the bathrooms with a separate approach and budget can make the whole process much easier and help you get the best result for your home.

Your own bathroom, or your kids bathroom will most likely be the bathroom that is used most in your home, so a secondary bathroom or powder room should not be allocated with the same amount of time and budget when planning, designing and renovating your bathrooms.

With this in mind, take some time early in the planning process to recognise and decide which bathroom deserves the highest priority and the highest budget. Once you have decided on your main bathroom, you can figure out exactly how much you want and need to spend on it, and can then bring your dream bathroom ideas to life!

After your own bathroom has been carefully planned out, it’s time to dedicate the remainder of your budget to the secondary bathroom - the powder room.

Planning a Powder Room

A powder room is often used as the guest bathroom in the house, meaning you need it to look nice while not going overboard on the budget. Remember, it’s an important space, but not as important as your own bathroom. Below are some easy tips for you to maximise the most out of your powder room.

A Little Light Goes a Long Way:

Natural light can add a lot of effect to a bathroom, even if it is just a small window or skylight. Along with natural light, a stylish, bright fluorescent light or even a chandelier is a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom.

A Big Mirror for a Small Bathroom:

Mirrors can make a small space appear much bigger and roomier than it actually is, making them a great option for a powder room. Choosing a big yet friendly-priced mirror can make your powder room look spacious, add further light and keep you and your guests looking fresh! This Frederic Radley mirror doubles up as extra storage with open shelving space along the side.

A Big Mirror for a Small BathroomWallpaper Can be a Budget-Friendly Option:

Regardless of the size of your powder room, using some creative wallpaper can give it some individuality without differentiating too much from the rest of your home. Consider patterns, colours and imagery that will compliment your home without going overboard.

Don’t be Afraid to go Green:

A few small bathroom plants, or just one plant, can be an inexpensive centrepiece for your powder room. Fake plants are a better option as they require no maintenance, apart from a quick dust-off every few weeks to keep them looking clean. Your guests may even give you some positive feedback if you pick a really nice plant.

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