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Is an over bath shower a crime?

BY Cook & Bathe

An over bath shower seems to be a fairly contentious issue when it comes to our clients. Over the years we’ve come to discover this really is a hot topic that many people feel quite strongly about.

In my opinion, I think an over bath shower is not ideal but sometimes it’s the only option. If an over bath shower is something you want to avoid but you’re limited on space, it’s essential to get some expert advice with your bathroom planning to ensure you’ve explored every possible option. You’ll find that someone with a bit of expertise and experience can come up with some very creative space saving ideas and possibly find a way to fit a bath and shower into a small space.

Even with the best advice, sometimes the only option to maximise a small space is to install your shower over the bath. This is certainly not a crime in any sense of the word and there are a range of stylish options available

But if it comes to it, opt for an over bath shower rather than no shower at all.

To be completely honest, having a house with no bath at all is a serious bathroom crime in my eyes and can definitely limit your market potential when it comes time to sell. I don’t know of any family with small children that would even consider a house without a bath. Knowing bathrooms and our clients, I guarantee you’ll find that the majority of people have a preference for a bathroom with a bath. In our busy lives today, there’s not often time to relax in a long hot bath but I think there’s something comforting in knowing that you could take a bath if you wanted to.

over bath shower

When it comes to finishing touches I think a frameless shower screen is definitely the way to go. It will provide a clean fresh modern look and is sure to appeal to the most discerning eye. A personal pet hate of mine is the humble shower curtain. There’s something about wet nylon that just grosses me out.

We all want to avoid bathroom crimes and maximise the value of our home, so when you’re planning your bathroom renovation just remember that installing a shower over your bath is definitely not a crime if you’re short on space.

We’d love to hear your opinions on installing a shower over a bath so tell us what you think.

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