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Five Feature Wall Styles to Make Your Bathroom Spectacular

BY Cook & Bathe

The average bathroom is made up of the same basic elements - a bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. Yet, given the amount of time we spend in our bathrooms on a daily basis, and the fact that our visitors will use it on occasion, we'd naturally like our bathrooms feel like a haven rather than utilitarian. Feature walls are a simple way to take an average bathroom from mundane to chic.

A feature wall becomes the focal point in any room and draws the eye towards its detail. For that reason when you’re deciding on your design, it’s important to think through your decision and ensure the adjoining walls are attractive and work in with the feature wall style. Here are 5 inspiring bathroom feature walls to get your own creative juices flowing.

1. Colour Brightens a Neutral Bathroom

Create a fresh and vibrant bathing space with a coloured wall to feast your eyes upon. A previously all-white bathroom can have a serious awakening with the addition of a coloured feature wall. This example uses a fresh pastel blue and adds an extra point of interest by using coloured fixtures.

 Colour Brightens a Neutral Bathroom

2. A Living Wall

A contemporary bathroom in San Francisco takes the term ‘feature wall’ to a whole new level with a wall made from living plants. Not only does the living wall set off the freestanding tub beautifully, but it just might make the lucky bather feel like they’re soaking in the middle of a lush forest. If this is a little too out-there for your taste or budget, try a nature scene in the form of a mural for a similar effect and less maintenance. Bring the wall to life by adding one or two houseplants (these can be artificial if desired), companies such as Holmes Living have a range of plant decor to house your indoor greenery. The addition a few houseplants in front of a dramatic wallpaper or mural will provide the same showstopping statement to your bathroom, but for a fraction of the cost.

 A Living Wall

3. Tiles Draw Attention

Carefully chosen tiles on just one wall of your bathroom will transform your space, and don’t have to break the bank. Mosaic tiles can add texture and colour to uplift an otherwise neutral bathroom.

Tiles can also be used to draw attention to unique architectural features.The owners of this beautiful bathroom have used an array of different shades of green tiles to provide a focus on the gorgeous curved ceiling.

4. Patterned Wallpaper Commands Attention

You don't have to spend a fortune on exotic tiles to create a statement in your bathroom. Using wallpaper with an interesting or attractive pattern can elevate an ordinary bathroom to new heights. Whilst wallpapering a whole room may blow the budget, it can be much more attainable to install a feature wall with a high quality product that will withstand steam and condensation.

5. Hardwood Character

A hardwood feature wall can make any bathroom feel like an escape away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hardwood will add texture, warmth and interest to your bathroom space. With many grains and textures to choose from, it would be achievable to customise a hardwood feature wall to suit any existing or new bathroom at any budget.

Creating a feature wall in your bathroom is an easy way to add instant impact and style, whether your budget is large, small or somewhere in between. Be sure to visit our showrooms for more inspiring bathroom and kitchen ideas that'll take your bathroom and kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary!