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6 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen look and feel bigger

BY Cook & Bathe

Your kitchen is the centre of your home where people tend to congregate, it's important to make this area feel as welcoming and open as possible. If you have a small kitchen, this can be more challenging if you don't know a few tricks. Fortunately there are several methods that can visually enhance a small kitchen. Here are six basic ways you can make a small kitchen look and feel bigger.

Replace Solid Fronts of Cabinet Doors with Glass

Removing some or all of your cabinet doors and replacing the solid fronts with glass is a huge way to make a small room look larger. Consider that doing this can make your kitchen walls seem farther away than they really are. This is because the eye is pulled beyond the cabinet forms and travels into the depth of your cabinets. However, to get the most effect from this method, you'll need to be sure your cabinets are kept organized, uncluttered and color-coordinated, so your kitchen doesn't look too busy or crowded.

small kitchen with glassUse Clean Lines and Less Ornamentation in Lighting Fixtures

Using lighting fixtures with clean lines that don't have much or any ornamentation can make a small kitchen look bigger as well as more stylish. Unlike older fixtures, contemporary lighting fixtures are cleaner and simpler. This trend, known as minimalism, is expected to become even more popular this year. Modern décor puts more value on form rather than on elaborate aesthetics. As a result, today's lighting fixtures look cleaner and uncluttered.

Choose the Right Colours

When it comes to smaller kitchens, white is your best option. Consider how white reflects light, which makes a space seem larger and causes kitchen walls to seem to recede. Instead of only one shade of white, use several shades as well as mix contrasting textures. This helps in preventing a white room from having a sterile appearance.

On the other hand, dark or light monochrome colours can also help in opening up a small kitchen. Even bold colours, such as navy or black, can be effective in visually enlarging an area. Furthermore, a colourful ceiling draws the eye upward, which visually gives a room more height and expands a space.

Use a Galley Design

A galley design, which involves using a U-shape, is ideal for small kitchens. Besides providing adequate room for moving around, this type of design helps to keep your oven and refrigeration streamlined. It also keeps storage more streamlined. Moreover, the U-shape gives a kitchen an open feeling because it involves having a window at the end, which ushers in light and air.

Reduce or Remove Hardware

Replace hardware on cabinet doors with integrated reach-in pulls or touch-activated latches as this emphasizes your kitchen's clean lines and cleverly makes your kitchen seem larger. Another benefit is that you have fewer things that can become snagged on your garments so that it's easier to move around in your kitchen.

Streamline Storage in Your Kitchen

Storage can be a big problem for smaller kitchens. Fortunately, there are some methods to solve this challenge. For example, if possible, remove your cabinet doors as this can create more storage and make a space feel airy and light. If you have high kitchen walls, why not stack your shelves or cabinets up to your ceiling as this can create a feeling of spaciousness.

Things to Consider

  • Consider replacing a double sink with a single sink or a one-and-a-half sink, along with an additional bowl, as this can provide more storage. It can also add unbroken bench space.
  • If possible, consider removing a kitchen wall that separates your kitchen from a dining room or another adjoining area. Even though it won't add to your kitchen's actual square footage, it can make a space look bigger and bring in additional light, making it seem open.
  • Is your kitchen next to an outdoor space? If so, adding bi-fold doors or glass doors can help in allowing the outdoors to come inside, making your kitchen appear more inviting, larger and open.

These are only a few suggestions on how to make a small kitchen look bigger. Try also taking inspiration from the tiny house movement or head to the Cook & Bathe blog for more tips and tricks.