Whirlpool 6th SENSE Crisp N’ Grill Convection Fan Forced 31L Microwave

Brand: Whirlpool


The Crisp N’ Grill 31L Microwave with convection function is the perfect blend of microwave and fan forced oven. This model is brimming with innovative features such as 6th SENSE crisp and steam options, a 3D microwave distribution system for even cooking and 90 pre-programmed recipes. It also allows for adjusting convection temperature in 5*C increments so that you can prepare any type of food.



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Model JT479IX
Capacity 31L
Colour/Finish Stainless Steel
Turntable Diameter (mm) 360
Control Panel LCD
6th Sense / Auto Sensor Yes
Microwave Technology 3D
Crisp Function Yes
Steam Function Yes
Defrost Yes
Bread Defrost Yes
Jet Menus Yes
Auto Menus Yes
Chef Menu Yes
Sensors Yes, Humidity for 6TH SENSE (Steam & Crisp)
Microwave Power 1000W
Grill Power 1200W
Forced Air Power 1500W
Accessories Included Crisp Tray
Crisp Handle
Grill Stands
Steamer Bowl
Product Dimensions (WxHxD) 490x380x541

6th SENSE™ Crisp

The 6th SENSE™ Crisp function harnesses 3D Crisp technology to cook perfectly golden baked goods that are crisp and brown on the top and bottom, without overcooking the inside. Achieve the effect of a traditional oven with less time and effort.

6th SENSE™ Steam

The 6th SENSE™ Steam function uses advanced sensor technology to monitor and adapt the cooking process, ensuring food preserves its texture and nutritional value while being steamed quickly and more easily. The large capacity steamer is heat and dishwasher safe for easier cleaning.

3D Microwave Distribution System

A revolutionary system that delivers even heat circulation using fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution. This means your food is always cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Jet Menu Defrost

An innovative technology that defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven. This feature directly microwaves the water molecules inside the food and evenly defrosts from the inside.

Quartz Grill

Fast and efficient, the quartz grill uses less energy, but heats up faster (in 60 seconds), preparing food 3 times faster than a traditional infrared grill. The grill can burn away food residue and dirt, making it self-cleaning and easy to wipe down if needed.

Dimensions (mm) 490x380x541
Finish Stainless Steel
2 Years