Rinnai Deluxe Bathroom Controller

Brand: Rinnai


Enjoy the perfect temperature every time.

The Rinnai Deluxe Bathroom Controller gives you advanced control of your Rinnai Infinity system in a smart looking control panel. It’s also great for making sure your hot water system is running at its best and water wastage is minimised. The controller can also provide advanced diagnostic checks in the unlikely event of a system issue.

Special Price A$286.00



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Precise temperature control

Added safety and piece of mind

Automatic bath fill and temperature function (preset your desired litres)

Shower saver feature (preset your desired litres)

Master controller usually installed in the Kitchen

Up to two bathroom controllers can be installed

Automatic bath fill function (preset your desired litres)

Shower water saver feature (preset your desired litres)

Controller voice prompts for user piece of mind

Digital clock and voice volume control

Install up to 4 controllers throughout your home (Note 4th controller must be either an MC601QA or a wireless controller)
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