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Planika Net Zero - NEO Fireplace - Electric Only Connection & Flue Free 750mm

Planika Net Zero - NEO Fireplace - Electric Only Connection & Flue Free 750mm


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Introducing the Planika Net Zero NEO Fireplace, a revolutionary heating solution that operates solely on electricity, making it eco-friendly and hassle-free. With its electric-only connection and flue-free design, this fireplace offers a clean and efficient source of heat without the need for any fuel or ventilation. Its sleek and modern aesthetic effortlessly complements any interior, while its advanced technology ensures safe and convenient operation. The Net Zero NEO Fireplace can be easily controlled remotely, allowing you to adjust the temperature and flame settings with ease. Experience the future of sustainable heating with this stylish and environmentally conscious fireplace.

About This Product

The automatic burner with the patented BEV Technology® is the most advanced product in the industry ensuring the cleanest burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. The flame is produced by combusting ethanol vapours and has no direct contact with the liquid fuel. Additionally, the burner is decorated with glass foam granulate.
The feature that allows you install the fireplace in a housing construction made of combustible materials.
- Heat/temperature sensor - Fuel spillage sensor - Fuel level sensor
Your Senso Fireplace comes with two detachable side panels. You decide what shape it will take.
The automatic pump communicates with the device, delivering the necessary amount of fuel. There is no risk of overfilling the tank or spilling the fuel.
Fuel tank capacity: 2.6L
Maximum burn time: 4.5 hours
Maximum heat output: 5kW
Minimum room cubature: 50 m3
Flame height regulation: 2 Stages
Weight: 29.5kg
Fuel type: bioethanol 95 - 96,6%
Flue: not required
Power supply: 230V
Finish: black powder coating
Materials: steel, galvanized steel, toughened glass

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