Baumatic 5 Burner Gas Cooktop Stainless Steel 90cm

Brand: Baumatic


A fully featured 90cm 5 burner gas cooktop. The triple ring WOK burner gives a more intense heat as it provides three rings of heat and will have your stir fry done in no time or slow cook a casserole on the rear burners.

The 5 burners are constructed with sturdy and stable heavy duty cast iron trivets and a stainless steel one piece hob which makes for simple and easy cleaning. Each burner is fitted with a Flame Failure Safety device which ensures that if the flame is accidentally extinguished the gas supply will automatically turn off. This cooktop has side control knobs for easy access and ignition.

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Cast Iron Pan Supports
Flame failure device
One piece stainless steel hob
Front controls
Electric Ignition
Gas inlet located rear left hand side

With our Flame Failure Safety feature if the flame is accidentally extinguished for any reason then the gas supply will automatically turn off preventing a potentially dangerous gas build-up.

The trivets are made of cast iron which means they are not only stable and strong but are also extremely durable and long-lasting. Ideal for moving heavy pots across the burners which makes cooking safer

Electric ignition of the burners is safer and easier to use. Simply hold the knob down with one hand and twist and the selected burner will ignite.

The dedicated wok burner generates higher heat and cooks more quickly. The triple ring system provides a more even heat distribution across the base of the wok. It is ideal for Asian style cooking but also boiling water or soups quickly.

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Dimensions (mm) W:860mm D:500mm H:90mm
Finish Stainless Steel
2 Years