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Why integrated appliances are a contemporary kitchen must!

BY Cook & Bathe

Trends come and go but some integrated appliances are here to stay. Let’s talk about how we create a contemporary kitchen with clever cabinetry ideas!

So what’s changed?

Before we get into integrated appliances, let’s chat about how contemporary kitchen design is changing and why integrating appliances is important for contemporary kitchens.

  • Thinking beyond doors and drawers

When designing a contemporary kitchen, it’s important to look for modern design choices that have been tested, adapted, improved and modified over time. Quality cabinetry is probably the best example of this. Gone are the days of just showing off expensive timber with decorative finishes. In recent times, colours, textures, materials and ingenious hardware have improved dramatically and now cabinets are more than just simple doors and drawers. Cabinetry systems offer space-saving pull out pantries and spice racks, fold-away coffee stations, integrated appliances and so much more. When designing it’s vital to think about your kitchen as a workable space. Think about select cabinetry made from quality material with modern technologies to create a contemporary kitchen.

  • Cabinetry before appliances

A dying trend in contemporary kitchen design is showing off an abundance of gleaming stainless steel appliances. The popularity of stainless steel appliances was massive when they emerged in the retail market. At the time such appliances were modern and therefore a must for contemporary kitchens. New technologies and styles have emerged since and the popularity of stainless steel appliances in contemporary kitchens is dwindling. More and more designers are opting for a more minimalist display of select appliances and have their cabinetry and benchtops as the key focal points of their kitchen design. Many appliance brands have listened to the market and are opting to design in darker colours and matte tones as more consumers have decided not to have their appliances as shiny, showstopping pieces.

Ok, so let’s talk integrated!

Integrated appliances are fully functional appliances that are cleverly concealed behind cabinetry or flushly and seamlessly installed with little disruption to the flow of the kitchen.

With many options in the market and most brands offering integrated specific products, it is super easy to create a truly contemporary kitchen design. Most appliances have an integrated specific product available.

Well worth considering when it comes to integrated products are dishwashers and fridges. These bulky appliances can disrupt visual flow but are a necessary function to a contemporary kitchen. Why not integrate them? These products are some of the easiest to integrate with many options available. Seamlessly concealing appliances will make your kitchen feel larger and unified, it’s a must for contemporary kitchen design.

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