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When is the right time to renovate your kitchen or bathroom?

BY Cook & Bathe

Kitchen renovation, along with bathroom renovation might sound like an arduous project, but it is important to understand when is the right time to bring your ideas and designs to life. Regardless of your personal taste and budget, there are several signs to look out for.

When your family is expanding

If you’re expecting a new arrival to your family, or your kids are outgrowing the kitchen and bathroom space, then it might be time to make some changes to the family home. Whether it’s kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, there are both small and large updates to consider to accommodate the family.

The older your kids get, the more space they are going to use in the bathroom, and you may need to add additional bathroom space. This also applies to the kitchen, where it’s crucial to make the most of your storage. While it’s great to be up with the latest trends, it is paramount that your kitchen and bathroom are safe and functional for your children.

When you need new appliances

If your oven has broken down, or your dishwasher is due for an upgrade, it’s probably time to update your appliances. This also gives you a great opportunity to tailor your kitchen and find the perfect cooking appliances to suit your home space. Carefully consider which brands best compliment the look and feel of your home and have the capability to serve your family's lifestyle and dining habits.

When your home is due for a facelift
Whether you’re living in an apartment or a house, it’s always a great feeling to come home to a beautiful environment and enjoy your own special sanctuary. If your home has not been freshened up for a while, then chances are your bathroom and kitchen would benefit with an upgrade - minor or major. Many older style homes will have outdated bathrooms that require a fresh renovation.

Bathroom makeover

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When you’ve decided to sell the house

Deciding to sell your house can be a highly difficult and emotional decision. If you have decided that it is time to sell, you want to attract as many offers as possible, while getting the price you had hoped for. This is why spending some time and money on bathroom and kitchen renovations is a clever investment, as potential buyers will feel comfortable knowing they do not have to make any major changes to the property. Put yourself in your ideal buyer’s shoes when considering which upgrades you need to make to the kitchen and bathroom. Even the slightest of upgrades could add more value to your house.

Whether you are considering a bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or are just looking for some expert advice, the team at Cook & Bathe are happy to help. With showrooms in Flemington and Fawkner specialising in bathroom fittings and kitchen supplies in Melbourne, Cook & Bathe can offer you a personal solution, and will help bring your ideas and designs to life.

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