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What to Consider When Choosing Your New Bathroom Floor

BY Cook & Bathe

Choosing a new floor for any room can be a challenge, but the bathroom floor needs to meet certain specific criteria to work for you. It goes without saying that bathroom floors get wet, which means it's particularly important to choose something that's not going to turn into trip hazard. It also has to be a floor that's easy to clean. Space in some bathrooms can be limited and there are a lot of obstacles to clean around such as the toilet, the sink or bathroom vanity, and any storage units or containers that might be on the floor. Here are some of the things to consider before you buy and install that new floor for your new or existing Melbourne bathroom.

Know Your Options

When most people think of a typical bathroom floor, tile is usually the first material that comes to mind. There's no doubt that tile can be an excellent choice for a bathroom, but bear in mind that you've got many choices besides ceramic tile. There's porcelain, stone, and vinyl, to name a few. But whichever tile material you choose, should you decide that tile is what you really want, make sure that it's graded for use on the floor. Tiling a floor with tile meant for walls could be disastrous since it's likely to be slippery and more fragile than tile that's designed for use on a floor.

But tile is not the only good choice for a bathroom floor by any stretch of the imagination. There's engineered hardwood, bamboo, cork, luxury vinyl, polished (textured) concrete and even rubber. All can make a good bathroom floor provided you consider your needs and your budget.

Bargain, Luxury, or Something In-Between?

If your budget is already stretched, consider vinyl flooring for your bathroom. Depending on its quality, it can be super inexpensive to buy, and even the higher end choices are easier on the wallet than something like tile, which is more difficult for a DIYer to tackle, meaning you'll have to figure in a hefty installation fee as well. If money isn't an issue, the sky's the limit and you'll find plenty of pricier options from ceramic to stone tile (think marble or travertine), or luxury vinyl that mimics the look of stone or wood.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to factor installation charges into your budget unless you're an experienced DIYer. (A badly measured or installed floor will look amateurish, which is definitely not what most of us are going for!)

Consider Your Age and Your Lifestyle

If you've got kids, you'll need to choose a bathroom floor that's truly low-maintenance, able to withstand splashes during a kid's bath time, and one that has a little give since kids (especially young kids) can be prone to taking a "spill" from time to time. Sheet vinyl might be a good choice for a bathroom that's frequented by kids since it's easy to maintain and provides a softer "landing" surface than something that's less forgiving like tile. (Avoid vinyl tile, however, since all of those seams can eventually let water seep through to the subfloor.)

If your household is strictly an adult space, your choices can be broader. If you love the look of hardwood for example, you can consider an engineered wood floor, which is more resistant to moisture than a solid hardwood floor.

If you're renovating or building a new bathroom with ageing in mind, or thinking about opting for a doorless shower, consider slip-resistant flooring like luxury vinyl tiles or planks, sheet vinyl or rubber that's designed to be slip-resistant. All can be beautiful, warm on bare feet and will provide an extra measure of safety. (Speaking of warm feet, if you're considering laying radiant heating beneath the floor, make sure that the flooring material you choose will work with that option.)

A bathroom renovation is challenging, but also rewarding. The bathroom is one room in the house that's frequented several times throughout the day, so you want it to be both glamorous and functional. With a little homework and careful planning, it can most definitely be both!

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