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What is a luxury bath really worth?

BY Jaimin Patel

There’s no denying it, a gorgeous and inviting luxury bath really is the holy grail of any new bathroom renovation and there are now more designs than ever to choose from. A statement freestanding tub is a real show stopper and definitely becomes the single point of focus for your new bathroom.

How much is too much to spend on a luxury bath?

But how much is too much to spend on a luxury bath? There is a particular bath in our showroom that is quite something to look at. Every single day numerous clients always ask that one crucial question. How much is that one? When I say the price out loud the response is usually the same.... Silence, often open mouthed silence, while they digest that large sum of money, then there is the follow up question (usually from the person controlling the budget)... Is a luxury bath really worth over $5,000?

luxury bathtubs

I have to say though, when it comes to Victoria & Albert’s range of volcanic limestone baths, the Toulouse in particular, without a doubt is worth the money. The Toulouse truly is a luxury bath in every sense of the word. It is the crème de la crème of premium baths with its French inspired double-ended design. Victoria & Albert uses QUARRYCAST material which is rich in natural volcanic limestone and the added bonus is it’s warm to touch and exceptionally easy to maintain. Personally I think the Toulouse is one of the most elegant baths I’ve seen. Thankfully though, Victoria & Albert are aware that not everyone has the budget for one of these beauties so they also offer a wide range of other, equally beautiful and not quite as expensive, baths.

This is really good news because we all know how important it is to stick to your budget when renovating your bathroom (and how easily and quickly you can exceed it if you get carried away). When it comes to selecting your new bath, my advice would be to get the best quality you can afford. Victoria & Albert are the leading luxury bath manufacturer and understand that quality counts if you want your new bath to stand the test of time and continue to maintain its beautiful appearance after many years of use. The Victoria & Albert range includes some of our best selling baths, so if it’s beauty and quality you’re after then you can’t go wrong.

For more information on selecting your new bath, visit the Cook & Bathe site.