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What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Sink Faucet?

BY Cook & Bathe

Choosing the tapware to match your new sink should be a simple process, right? You have a shape and style in mind, with a finish to compliment the colours in your kitchen, but then there’s the question of which type of faucet to opt for and what the benefits are of each option. We’re here to simplify those options for you, with a guide to common types of kitchen sink faucets.

Pull Out Faucets

A faucet with a pull out head usually comes with one handle to adjust the water flow and temperature, and is great for kitchens that have a contemporary look. The handy integrated spray head enables you to easily wash dirty dishes with the freedom to move from the sink to larger pans sat on the countertop. These flexible faucets are highly practical and perfect for busy kitchens.

Pull Out Faucets

Pull Down Faucets

Similar to a pull out, the pull down faucet design gives the ability to reach further into a large, deep sink by pulling the faucet downwards. This style is fixed in a downward position and slightly more limited in that you can’t move to the countertop, but is still a very popular option for modern kitchens, and often causes less mess.

Commercial Style Faucets

If you’re looking to step up your faucet game, these high pressure, high arched pull outs will do a professional job. Typically ahead of regular domestic faucets in terms of design and technology, this industrial style faucet is most often associated with restaurant kitchens. With this style becoming more popular, brands are now starting to design commercial style faucets for home use, with the same functionality and durability of those traditionally seen in professional kitchens.

Separate Spray Faucets

If you’re not looking for an all in one faucet, a separate spray is a really popular choice, and has been for many years. In the event that one mechanism fails, a separate spray means you’re not without the entire faucet. Sprays can extend the same as a detachable head, but with it’s own unit and power, working independently of the main faucet.

Separate Spray Faucets

Wall Mounted Faucets

If your kitchen is designed in a rustic or period style, a wall mounted faucet above the sink is a great choice. You won’t need to make holes in the countertop or sink and can free up space by fitting the faucet to the wall if you’re working on a small kitchen. Be sure to carefully measure the distance and splash trajectory to avoid mess whilst washing up.

Single Handle Faucets

These are the most common type of kitchen sink faucet, with just one lever to control the flow and temperature of the water. This simple design is easy to use and control, and is well suited in any modern, contemporary kitchen.

Two Handle Faucets

Where single handle faucets can sometimes prove tricky to find the right temperature balance, two handles allows more control to easily combine hot and cold water. Double handles also offer more of a classic look for a traditional kitchen aesthetic.

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