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We’re Proud to Support the Brimbank Stallions

BY Cook & Bathe

Just three short years ago the Brimbank Stallions Football Club was a State League 4 club in the Football Federation Victoria State League. After a stretch of impressive performances and with promotions in each of the last three seasons, the Stallions are on the trot and not slowing down any time soon. As a major sponsor of the Stallions, we’re as proud as punch to see the team advance into State League 1 after their recent win of 3-1 over Cairnlea at Club Italia Sporting Club.

Brimbank Stallions

Though Brimbank led 2-0 at the break, Coach, Andrew Marth, said “We should’ve been up three or four at half-time,”. Though they didn’t quite meet Marth’s expectations they held onto the lead in the second half. However, there was no relaxing until Ashley Webster scored a late goal - his 24th of the season - earning his place as the top striker in the division. They took out the game along with the promotion to State League 1 - with well-earned celebrations following the game.

Marth expressed after the game that this advancement is all part of a longer-term goal to grow into a National Premier League Club. With a team of good-quality players, fantastic facilities, a junior development program and ongoing support from sponsors and fans, Marth thinks that this achievement proves that they have a wonderful opportunity and the full potential to get there. He’s not resting on his laurels though, he is clear in his expectations of his team and doesn't accept anything less than a win. His ambition for the team is to finish the season as champions as they work towards staking out their next promotion.

Cooke & Bathe are proud to be a major sponsor of the Brimbank Stallions Football Club and we’re thrilled to provide our ongoing support to the team in their endeavours to reach the ‘big league’. Go Stallions!