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Top 5 Bathroom mistakes as spotted by Cook & Bathe

BY Cook & Bathe

In my line of work I deal with people who are renovating bathrooms on a daily basis and this is a job that I truly love. Renovating a bathroom is an emotional journey and to see the looks on our clients’ faces when all of the pieces come together and they get to appreciate and enjoy the finished product is, to say the least, very rewarding.

However, the journey for some is more of a nightmare and I’ve heard my fair share of bathroom renovation horror stories and let me tell you they are very scary. So today I want to share just a little bit of our experience here at Cook & Bathe. We want to help those of you about to embark on your very own bathroom renovation to avoid some of the more common and costly mistakes.

bathroom renovationMistake #1 DIY Will Save Me Money

One of the biggest mistakes by far is a combination of enthusiasm and lack of skill. This is a surefire recipe for disaster. Tradespeople are exactly that “trades” people and they spend many years learning and perfecting their skills. They work in qualified and respected professions and are paid for their workmanship and skill level. So if you’re thinking about taking up tiling in order to save a few bucks then think again – you’ll save more money in the long run if you get the job done by a professional in the first place.

Mistake #2 Planning Is For Beginners

In those famous words of Winston Churchill “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. This couldn’t be more relevant for anyone embarking on a bathroom renovation. Doing your homework and all of the necessary preparation is critical for success and a good bathroom plan is a must.

Mistake #3 I can Scrimp on Quality and Save

The bathroom is one area that you don’t want to scrimp on quality. The average life span of a bathroom is 10+ years so you really need to invest in quality fixtures that will stand the test of time. The bathroom is also one of the most used rooms in the house so it’s inevitable that you’re fixtures and fitting will be put to the test. If you scrimp on quality then chances are you won’t save in the long term.

Mistake #4 More is More

When it comes to selecting colours and decorating your new bathroom I’m a firm believer that less is definitely more. When you renovate your bathroom one of your goals is to increase the value of your home. Chances you won’t be there forever so it’s important to consider the style and colour scheme so that this works in your favour if and when it comes time to sell.

Mistake #5 I can Change Things as I go
If you’re thinking this way then be prepared for a major budget blow out. I cannot stress enough the importance of planning so that you don’t become tempted to change things on the fly.

So there you have it folks, I hope that by highlighting some of these common mistakes we can help you avoid them.

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