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Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom

BY Cook & Bathe

When you’re working with a small bathroom, it’s easy to feel restricted with your design - but small spaces can be beautiful and functional. We take a look at some things to consider for your small bathroom renovation.

Keep Colours Light

Keep Colours LightImage Credit: @colab_architecture

By sticking with light coloured tiles on walls and floors you can create a serene feeling and an illusion of more space. Small mosaic-style tiles can work well to pull the look together. Larger, rectangular tiles laid vertically can also help to reduce the number of grout lines on show and make the room feel bigger - try to avoid ‘standard’ square tiles that are likely to make things look cramped.

Fixtures & Fittings

Choosing high-quality fixtures and fittings, like taps, vanity, basin and toilet will mean that these items can become focal points for your small space. If you have chosen light coloured tiles, you may choose to offset these with black taps or choose a natural-coloured wooden vanity to add texture and warmth to the space.

Walk-in Shower

If you’re really strapped for space, it’s best to leave the bath out if you can. You can maximise your shower space by choosing a walk-in shower and creating a wet-area so that there is no need for a shower door or shower base, which also dramatically increases the options for where to place your shower, toilet and basin.

Large Mirror

Photo by Hart Builders Pty Ltd - Browse bathroom ideas

Installing a large mirror is a great way to make any small space feel bigger. You could consider running a mirror from the ground to the roof, drawing the eye to the mirror as the centrepiece of the room.


Another great option is to wall-mount your taps which frees up a lot of space on a small bench. Wall-mounting the vanity, leaving space underneath can also provide a feeling of airiness to your small space - though it’s important to ensure you include enough storage so you can keep the bench top clear.


Good lighting is a must to provide a small space with a feeling of life. Natural light is great where possible, however, if this is not an option invest in cool white recessed LED lights that provide a feeling of daylight no matter the time of day.

Wall Faced Toilet

Every bit of space counts when you’re working with a small bathroom, so consider installing a wall faced toilet, where the cistern is hidden away. It adds a sleek finish and will make your small space feel far less cluttered.


Keep any decor simple and minimalistic. If you have natural light, try adding a small indoor plant to brighten the space. Choose good quality and stylish handwash and towels to have on show, and keep your personal effects tucked away in the vanity.

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