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Swiss design! Must have kitchen inclusions for 2020

BY Cook & Bathe

When you’re buying swiss made products, you know you’re buying outstanding quality and bespoke design. Let’s talk about how you can incorporate swiss design into your new kitchen.


Swiss design evokes simplicity through sleek lines and minimalism. Swiss designed kitchen products such as sink mixers, sinks and food preparation accessories focus on reliability and creating a clean and clear aesthetic. More and more Australians renovators are choosing these Swiss designed products for their new contemporary kitchens to uplift their home. The emerging Australian trend of designing with Swiss kitchen products is here to stay as most Swiss products are made to last but are surprisingly affordable. This trend is becoming mainstream and a design staple, Influencer Guy Sebastian is one of many who have decided to call upon the genius of swiss design, choosing a Swiss made and designed Franke sink mixer in his new luxury kitchen.


When we think of Swiss made, we think cheese, delicious chocolate & high quality watches. What if you could bring the same high quality manufacturing and design into your home with your kitchen fixtures?

A product being labelled ‘Swiss made’ is like receiving a seal of approval, it is guaranteed to be made with excellent craftsmanship and to stand the test of time. Many brands we know and trust are Swiss made like Rolex and Logitech. If you want to upgrade your kitchen and enhance the experience you have while cooking, you have to add innovative products. The Chef and Box centre by Franke are Swiss made game changers for your kitchen. Made with cutting-edge design and functionality, these two innovative kitchen sinks include a number of accessories and the highest quality finish.

It can be hard to find a product that is both functional and looks great. You might find something that looks amazing but doesn't last, or you see a product with a lifetime warranty but doesn't suit your taste. Swiss design ensures you never have this issue, incorporating amazing detail and finishes with practicality and reliability. This is reflected in Franke sink mixers. With multiple finishes and shapes, their design is made to meet everyone's needs and wants. Franke offers sink mixers with pull out, swivel and led lighting features and finishes such as matte black and chrome. Bringing you high quality products that look good, you can't go wrong with a swiss brand like Franke.

Next time you're updating your kitchen, talk to our experts about how you can incorporate swiss design into your home!