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Replacing taps the easy way

BY Cook & Bathe

Replacing your taps is an easy and cost effective way of adding a touch of style to your basin. Here’s a basic guide to replacing taps so you can give your bathroom a makeover, without spending a lot of money.

Here’s What You Need To Do The Job

• A wrench
• New taps
• A bucket
• Plumbers tape
• Utility knife

Replacing taps the easy way

The Method

1. Before you do anything you need to turn off your water supply at the mains. To make sure all the water is drained from the pipes turn the taps fully on, until the last drops of water run out.

Using your utility knife, break any sealant between the basin and your taps by running the knife around the base of the taps.

2. Grab your wrench and unscrew the nuts that connect the tail of your taps to the water pipe. At this point you might want to place a bucket under the sink. Water will run out of both the tap tail and the water pipe!

3. Under the sink you’ll find the back nut which secures the tap in place. Use your wrench to loosen and remove it. You can twist the tap itself in the opposite direction to get some extra leverage if you need to.

Once this back nut has been removed you’ll be able to lift off the old taps very easily.

4. You should now be left with an empty hole. Take your new tap and put it tail first into the hole. Tighten the back nut (under the sink) to hold your new tap in place. Use the wrench if necessary to get the tightest fit possible.

You don’t want your tap coming loose after a few uses.

5. Get some plumbers tape and wrap it tightly around the joint which comes out of the water pipe. This gives it a water tight seal, and stops any water from leaking onto your floor when the taps are on.

Don’t wrap too much tape around the joint or you won’t be able to connect it to the tail of the new tap.

6. Connect the water pipe to the new tap, and tighten as much as possible using your wrench. It’s vital you make sure this join is as tight as possible as it’s the biggest leak risk.

Also keep an eye out to make sure your nut doesn’t cross thread. This is one the biggest causes of leaks.

7. Turn on your water supply, and test your new taps by turning them on fully. It’s a good idea to test them one at a time, and then together to make sure you’re getting an even distribution of water.

If you’re not, check all connections to make sure they’re secure. You may find you’re losing water.

That’s it!

You’ve now got new taps, and a brand new stylish finish to your bathroom!

Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Fittings

As you can see, replacing your taps is quite a simple job. If you have the right materials it shouldn’t take any more than 45 minutes.

One thing you do need to double check is the size of your new taps. Be sure you’ve brought a pair which fit your current basin. Although most basins will take standard sized taps, some require a specific size and model.

It would probably be a good idea to remove your old taps before you buy your new ones. That way you can take one of the old ones to the store, and compare it to the ones you’re buying.

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