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Problems to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom

BY Cook & Bathe

There is no doubt that the renovation process can be stressful, but when you consider the possible end results, it should all be worthwhile in the end. Having a plan and being aware of common pitfalls can help to keep your project on track, and can also help you avoid additional stress while getting you the home of your dreams. Here are some tips to avoid common renovation mistakes.

Plan Your Project Carefully, But Be Flexible

First, understand that there could be unforeseen problems that pop up. You must be flexible, but having a plan will help ensure that even when there is a bump in the road, you can get back on track. For example, if you find asbestos in your bathroom, it may take additional time to clear it properly. Exercise patience. Also, be open to last minute changes. Sometimes it is not until things start coming into a space that you see how they will actually fit together. This may be the time when unexpected recommendations or ideas come to you. Be flexible enough to consider them.

Measure Twice

The old adage is that you should measure twice so you only have to cut once. Part of the planning process is measuring everything carefully. Knowing how big that appliance is or how much material you will need for your bench top is important. Just being off, even by a few millimetres, can have disastrous and costly consequences.

Be Prepared To Go Without

During bathroom and kitchen renovations you will have to be prepared to go without use of that room for a period of up to eight weeks. During that time, you will be without water for at least a day or two if any of your renovations include switching out plumbing fixtures like a sink or bathtub. Figuring out how you will manage during this time should be part of your planning.

Do Your Homework

Designers and builders are important members of your team and you should definitely listen to their advice. Keep in mind that you are the one who has to live with the results. Do your own research. Make decisions about what you want and do not allow yourself to be talked out of the things that are really important to you.

Understand What Will Bring Value To Your Home

If you are renovating with an eye toward selling your home-- whether now or in the future-- the kitchen and bath are two places where potential buyers look for value. That being said, it is possible to overcapitalise in these areas. You do want your kitchen and bath to be attractive, but they should still fit in with the rest of the house.

Be Realistic About Your Skills

There are some projects that you can DIY. But if you are completely renovating your kitchen or your bath, it is a good idea to call in professionals. You may be worried about how much professionals will cost, but the price is worthwhile. It will almost certainly cost less to call them in to help renovate your bath than to have them come to clean up your mistakes. Good designers and contractors are worth their weight in gold.

Kitchen Renovation TipsStay Organised

Staying organised may be easier said than done but it is easier to stay organised than to scramble to find something when you need it. Keep all of your receipts and other paperwork in one place. A folder is a good idea, because if you need to look back over a contract or measurement or if your new appliance arrives broken, the paperwork you need will be right at hand.

Budget An Extra 15 To 25%

Even the best laid plans can go astray. There will always be unforeseen circumstances. Managing the unforeseen often means additional time and additional money. You will need patience to deal with the time delay, and unfortunately, money is the only way to deal with the added expense. Make sure you plan accordingly.

When you decide to renovate any part of your house, especially your kitchen and bathroom, planning is important. There are always things that come up unexpectedly and catch homeowners by surprise, which can lead to mistakes and going over budget if you are not careful. Being aware of the most common potential problems ahead of time can help you plan accordingly.

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