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BY Cook & Bathe

It’s time to renovate your bathroom. While it may only be a small space this needn’t be a difficult task. Exploring your options using exterior elements provides a great opportunity to be creative.

Incorporating natural elements into your bathroom design can transform your bathroom into a larger and more appealing space bringing the outside in.

The four key elements you need to remember while renovating your bathroom are movement, relaxation, recovery and nature. Movement is a key design aspect that ensures you save space where you can while directing colour and light throughout the room. Relaxation and recovery focus on the feel and atmosphere of your bathroom. This can be achieved using colours and finishes to portray a comforting and soothing feel that enhances the senses through texture and smell. Moreover it is nature that provides the vibrant and fresh atmosphere that is key to any bathroom.

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There are many ways to enhance the natural elements into your bathroom design. Natural light plays a crucial role in this as it can portray a larger space through the use of floor length windows. These will allow the beams of natural light into your bathroom creating a greater sense of size. However if a window in the space isn’t an option it is important to consider the role of indirect light within the space. Furthermore to increase the perception of size within a bathroom a wall-hung vanity is the best option particularly in a small room as it creates a floating effect, which means there is more overall space available. The use of glass within a bathroom is a valuable tool particularly to open up shower areas. Try incorporating light colours and finishes throughout your bathroom and give these touches a strong feature finish such as timber paneling. The use of timber in your bathroom design creates a warm and inviting environment. Consider earthy light finishes which are a great choice for bathrooms as their naturally relaxed feel creates a sense of bringing the environment indoors.

Utilising textured finishes creates a realistic tactile feel that enhances the senses and draws your eye into the space. Creating a feature wall is an excellent option to distinguish your bathroom space and adds a wow factor as well. Adding feature tiles, be it within the shower space or on a feature cabinet above a basin is the perfect way to add your own personal textured touch.

Now for the final and most enjoyable part of your bathroom design: the decorating. This stage allows the chance to highlight and enhance the standout features of your bathroom design. Select simple elements to enhance the natural feel of the space. Try incorporating nature by adding plants to give your bathroom a vibrant fresh atmosphere and be wary of overdoing it with too many candles or vases. It is important not to forget to include all the senses as this will give the room a more complete feel. Consider smell, touch, thermal temperature, pressure, relaxation, balance and self-movement.

Happy Renovating and enjoy creating your new and improved bathroom!