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If You Love to Entertain, You Must Have These Kitchen Items

BY Cook & Bathe

If you love having friends and family over, you know that the kitchen is at the heart of entertaining. You cannot entertain guests without refreshments, and what could be a better excuse for gathering friends than hosting a dinner?

But if you are going to be entertaining, then you should have a kitchen space to accommodate your needs. Here are a few things that every good host should have in their kitchen.

Spacious Open Design

Having plenty of space for guests to mingle while the host is in the kitchen is essential, and an open design plan where the kitchen opens out to the living room is conducive to conversation and socialising. Guests can enter the kitchen for drinks, or to chat with the host without leaving the party. The host is also able to be anywhere performing their duties while still being able to engage with guests.


When you set up your kitchen, think about work space and where things are in relation to one another. Having the stove, sink, refrigerator and counter space within arm's length of one another can streamline the work and make meal preparation much easier. Also, make sure that there is sufficient work space for the operations that take place in each area.


Islands have become a must have in modern kitchens. And with all that an island provides, it's no wonder. An island provides additional bench space as well as seating and storage. Some islands also contain an extra sink or cooktop which can give a host more room to prepare food and serve guests.

Separate Drink Station

Having a separate station for drinks away from the rest of the food preparation area can allow one host to serve drinks without getting in the cook's way. This allows for a variety of activities to occur at one time. One host can mingle with guests while another is putting the finishing touches on dinner.

Separate Drink Station
Solid Dishwasher

Why do dishes by hand if you don't have to? If you are entertaining, there is bound to be loads more dishes than usual. A large and sturdy dishwasher is a must for anyone who entertains, as it will save you lots of time washing up after guests leave.

Plenty of Storage

No kitchen would survive without plenty of storage. This is even more true for people who entertain. The more people you feed, the more cookware and dishes you will need. You may even have seasonal items which will also need a home when not in use. An island is one place to keep canned goods and cookware, and having plenty of cabinets is also a boon. And if at all possible, a butler's pantry can be quite the luxury. Not only does it have additional preparation space, but it offers extra storage space as well.

Technological Advances

Did you know that you can find just about any type of appliance that has a wi-fi connected model? You can now get an oven that you can adjust from your smartphone! How about a coffee maker or slow cooker that you can operate from another room? You can save plenty of time and labour with smartphone connected appliances.

Soft Close

With all of the opening and closing that goes on in your kitchen when you are cooking for guests, having drawers and cabinet doors that close softly can be a tremendous benefit. Imagine what guests would think if they constantly hear drawers pounding shut and cabinet doors slamming!? It could be very distracting. If you have soft close devices installed into your cabinets, you and your guests will feel much more comfortable. Not to mention how much easier it is to open them and bump them closed when your hands are full.

If you love to entertain then you should have a kitchen that is up to the task, and careful planning can help you design the kitchen that is right for you. Let these suggestions help you get started, and for more information, head to the Cook & Bathe website or visit our Melbourne kitchen showrooms.