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Do You Really Need a Dishwasher?

BY Cook & Bathe

If you’re renovating your kitchen space and tossing up your options, how do you decide if you really need a dishwasher, or whether you use the space for extra storage? We take a look at some of the key reasons you’ll want to install a dishwasher.



Washing dishes by hand can take an eternity, particularly when you have baked on food and other stains that require heavy elbow grease to remove. A good quality dishwasher can take care of the hard work while you get on with your day. Packing the dishwasher takes a fraction of the time that washing dishes one-by-one, by hand will set you back every morning noon and night. Plus, the rest of the family can easily help stack the dishwasher by placing their used items straight into the dishwasher rather than landing them on or in the sink.

Save Water

With ever-improving water efficiency, dishwashers use a fraction of the water that it might take you to properly wash your dishes by hand. Cook & Bathe have a range of water-efficient dishwashers that use very little power and water to take care of your after-meal mess.

Sparkling Clean

There’s something about the way a dishwasher cleans dishes that is just not achievable by hand. Use the right washing detergent and your glasses, cutlery and crockery will gleam.

Better Hygiene

Not only will your dishes look more sparkly, but the high temperature that the dishwasher reaches during its wash and rinse cycles will ensure that any bacteria is taken care of - meaning you can always be sure that your dishes are clean enough to eat off. It’s unlikely that your hands will be able to handle water at the same temperature as a dishwasher, which means you can end up moving bacteria from one dish to another.

Save Your Hands

Dunking your hands into warm, soapy water tends to leave them dry and covered in leftover oils and bacteria. Even using gloves doesn’t necessarily save your hands, with powders designed to stop your hands from sweating drying your skin or rubber gloves that smell like chemicals. A dishwasher allows you to reduce your hands’ exposure to soapy water, meaning you can keep them in tip-top condition.

Cook & Bathe’s modern range of dishwashers features freestanding and integrated dishwashers that cater to every design aesthetic. The range features models with superior sound insulation and plenty of options for energy and water efficiencies. Check out the range at the Fawkner or Flemington Showrooms.