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Creating a Beautiful Alfresco Kitchen

BY Cook & Bathe

There's nothing like alfresco dining. It's wonderful to get outside into the open air and enjoy the day. One of the best times for alfresco dining is in the early evening, as sunset turns to twilight while you hold a glass of crisp white wine in your hand. Australia's weather means that enjoying the outdoors is a part of everyday life.

If you enjoy alfresco dining, why not consider creating an alfresco kitchen? You'll be able to take advantage of the outdoor experience without needing to ferry things back and forth from indoors.

Here are some ways to create a beautiful alfresco kitchen and ensure that your guests will return again and again.


A barbecue is a necessity for any alfresco kitchen. This is where you'll be able to roast meats and vegetables until your heart's content. You may even attract the attention of your neighbours with the delicious scent of cooking from your kitchen!

BarbecueDrink Dispensers

A quaint and convenient accent for any outdoor kitchen is a drinks dispenser. Filling it with cloudy lemonade or iced tea will help make things easier when entertaining guests, since they will be able to fetch drinks for themselves. Try using them for different varieties of fresh fruit punch for a special treat.

Durable Plateware

You'll want to have plateware that won't break and is easily washed. It's also a good idea to invest in some wine glasses and tumblers that won't break, as spills are more easily cleaned than broken glass. There are elegant sets of durable plateware available if you want to preserve a note of class for your outdoor kitchen.


Lighting is always a concern for outdoor areas. Fairy lights are often used because they offer a soft glow that is almost magical. Candlelight is also popular, but if you are concerned about fire safety, you can also buy battery-powered 'flameless' candles. If you have a roof over your alfresco kitchen, you can also try track lighting.

LightingBar Fridge

A bar fridge is a great idea. You'll be able to chill wine or beer so your guests will be able to enjoy a beverage of their choice. It's also a great way to keep soda and other non-alcoholic beverages available for those who don't drink. You can even keep ice in the fridge if you enjoy serving cocktails to your guests.


Sinks should also be a part of your alfresco kitchen. It's important to consider the materials you're planning to use if the outdoor area is uncovered. Either way, a sink is a good idea for relatively easy cleaning of dishes, especially if you'll need to reuse them between courses. Many people opt for stainless steel and other durable materials.

SinksTable Space

Your alfresco kitchen is a space in your home where you're going to want to entertain guests. Since this is the case, make sure you have a large enough table to seat a generous number of people. They don't have to be seated at a single table; sometimes having a few different tables will allow your guests to mingle and meet each other.

Investing in an alfresco kitchen will take advantage of the smaller space allocated to several types of flats if they are located on the ground floor. It also helps new homeowners extend their living space if they have a substantial garden, but not enough room inside the house. Most importantly, an alfresco kitchen allows for a pleasant dining experience and an excellent space to entertain visitors.

When it comes to alfresco designs in Melbourne, Cook & Bathe has everything you need to help you create your own beautiful alfresco kitchen. Sign up here for more alfresco information and find out how to personalise your dream alfresco kitchen.