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Choosing an Oven and Cooktop that will suit you

BY Cook & Bathe

Are you building a new kitchen or renovating an existing one? If you are like most Melbourne homeowners, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options available when it comes to selecting kitchen appliances and supplies. One of the major decisions people face is selecting an oven and cooktop, as they are both vital components of the kitchen. Here are some basic guidelines that can help you choose the oven and cooktop that is best for you, and your new kitchen.

Benefits of a Wall Oven
Your first consideration is whether you prefer a standalone oven, which is also called a freestanding oven, or a wall oven, which is mounted on a wall with a separate cooktop. If you don't like to squat or bend down to put food into an oven, then a wall oven may be the type that's more suited for you. Consider how this type of oven can be installed at your height, making it more comfortable to use.

A wall oven is also more flexible with a kitchen layout, and can be easier to clean as crumbs and food particles don't drop down the sides, as they do with a standalone oven.

Advantages of a Standalone Oven
On the other hand, a standalone oven, also known as a freestanding oven, continues to be the preference of many Australians because of its striking appearance. Also, if you're remodeling your kitchen and you already have a standalone oven, it can be more costly to switch to a wall oven.

Furthermore, the finished sides of standalone models make them somewhat more flexible when installing them. When you have a freestanding oven, your oven and cooktop are contained in the same unit, which is not the case for a wall oven. As a result, standalone ovens are cheaper than wall ovens.

Standalone OvenPyrolytic Ovens
If you're a messy cook and tend to spill foods, you may want to invest in a pyrolytic oven. A huge reason for buying a pyrolytic oven is that it's easier to clean. In fact, it virtually cleans itself. As this type of oven heats to nearly 500 degrees, food, residue and grease are carbonised into an extremely fine ash, making it simple to wipe off with a cloth. When you turn the oven on to the cleaning setting, the door is automatically locked, making it a safe process.

Gas Ranges
Gas cooktops have several advantages. For example, the flame on a gas range, because of its central location, causes heat to be distributed evenly throughout an entire pan or pot. This makes it less likely for scorching to occur on cookware.

Additionally, unlike an electric range, you can continue using a gas range during a power outage. You also have more control as temperatures are extremely responsive with the least amount of adjustments. There's less chance of spillage, and gas ranges are very energy efficient, offering a cooler environment while cooking.

Electric Ranges
Often, Melbourne homeowners prefer electric ranges because these cooktops can reach higher temperatures faster. Thus, an electric range can be a better choice if you don't want to spend a lot of time in a kitchen. If you're on a budget, keep in mind that electric cooktops are more affordable, and easier to install and operate.

Induction Cooktops
Induction cooktops, which are the most recent technology you can find, are continuing to grow in popularity. This type of cooktop is basically only one sheet of strong ceramic glass and an electromagnet for heating steel or iron cookware.

Other reasons many people prefer an induction cooktop are that it is energy efficient, incredibly safe, and provides precise control. Another perk is that it can heat up faster than a gas cooktop. Consider how you can quickly and easily turn the heat up or down by the tiniest increments.

Other Considerations:

  • When you buy a wall oven, you can choose between a single oven or double oven, which is two wall ovens containing independent heat, as well as separate feature controls. This lets you use different temperatures for cooking different dishes.
  • However, a double oven takes up more countertop and cabinet space.
  • A glass cooktop is very easy to clean. Rather than removing burner rings, all you need to do is wipe spills from your glass top.
  • Consider the best spot for a wall oven and its proximity to other kitchen supplies and appliances.
  • A steam oven is ideal for steaming larger amounts of food over several shelves.
  • There are also combination ovens that function both as a steam oven and regular oven, all in one unit.

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