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Bathroom trends in 2018 to get you inspired

BY Cook & Bathe

Whether you are considering bathroom renovations, are in a new build or are just daydreaming, there are a range of bathroom trends in 2018 that are either successful echoes of previous years or are entirely new approaches to bathroom design.

Continuing and new bathroom trends in 2018

1. Shifting colour palettes

Shifting colour palettes

2018 will see a bolder use of dark blues and greens

2017 began to see a slight shift in view for colour palettes within the bathroom. While previous years had shown earthy and pastel-driven palettes dominate bathroom trends, 2017 saw the introduction of more subdued shades of blue and green, offset with lighter greys and off-whites. Bathroom trends in 2018 will see this develop into the introduction of much stronger and bolder displays of blue and deep greens, with less emphasis on using white or grey to constrain the statements made by these richer palettes.

2. Modern geometry

Expect thinner lines and bespoke bathroom fittings in 2018

Where there will be a bold timelessness communicated through colour palettes in 2018, finer edges and clean lines will refine these colour palettes and dominate bathroom trends. The heavier and bulkier design of bathroom fittings favoured in previous years, whether it be in basins, baths or vanities, will be replaced by a more seamless geometry. The ceramics industry continues to develop new products that emphasise thin and clean lines without sacrificing quality or durability, and we will see the result of this in bathroom products along with bathroom tiling.

3. Larger bathroom tiling

Larger tiling is becoming increasingly popular in smaller bathrooms

2018 will see a shift away from previous years’ emphasis on subway porcelain tiling to large ceramic tiling that decreases the width of grout between individual tiles. Stronger ceramic tiling allows for larger pieces to be installed, which is becoming increasingly popular in new developments within high-density living areas - where space is a top priority. Larger tiles with less grout mean easier maintenance, quicker installation and a greater visual sense of space within the bathroom.

4. From metal to matte

Matte finishes create an understated and timeless impression on bathroom designs

The last few years has seen a love affair with polished metals, especially copper, which is showing signs of being replaced with more timeless and understated bathroom trends. Untreated metals, woods and specific matte materials will become increasingly popular in 2018, especially for bathroom fittings such as tapware and shower heads. Metal will continue to be popular in more industrial bathroom designs, including those that have a natural and raw ethos behind them as well as those that feature metal more prominently rather than as just a flourish.

5. The ultimate retreat

Expect natural finishes and cleaner, thin lines in stand alone baths in 2018

2018 is the year where renovators come to view their bathroom as the ultimate retreat within their home. Relaxation and respite underpin this developing ethos, with open showers and ‘rainfall’ shower heads becoming more common. However, the truest manifestation of this growing appreciation for the bathroom’s role is seen in the stand-alone bath. 2017 saw stand-alone baths as one of the most popular bathroom trends, and 2018 will see them become a timeless fixture of modern bathroom design. Expect thinner edges and a simplicity in design rather than ornate and bulky stand alone baths.

6. An eternal love affair with timber

This bathroom encapsulates everything 2018 will be about: vertical design, clean lines and natural finishes

Timber continues to be one of the most versatile materials that can be used within the bathroom, which is why it continues to shape and dominate bathroom trends year on year. Timber injects colour, texture, geometry, contrasting lines and a connection to the natural world, which is why it is favoured so much by interior designers and architects alike. 2018 should see a greater use of timber (teak, bamboo, mahogany, cedar and other tight-grained hardwoods) set against unpolished and matte-finishes, especially metals and stones (slate, honed marble, granite). This appreciation for wild, raw and natural finishes must be countered with the practicalities of bathroom design. This means making sure you opt for materials that aren’t overly porous and susceptible to warping or moisture damage.

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