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7 Kitchen Accessories to Help You Maximise Your Workspace

BY Cook & Bathe

Every home chef knows how important kitchen space is. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out where to set your pot of hot food right in the middle of dinner. Perhaps worse is being limited to what you can cook, simply because you feel there is not enough space to create the meal you have in mind. But limited kitchen space doesn't mean you restrict what you cook and start making plans to knock down walls. Instead, there are many options available to give you more room so you can spend less time worrying about space and more time worrying about the next recipe you are going to try.


A rollmat is a versatile tool that belongs in every kitchen. This mat, constructed of stainless steel can do many things. Lay it down on the counter to protect the surface from hot items or lay it across the sink to drain glasses or wash veggies. The best part about this tool is it can be rolled up and stored, taking up very little space.


Chopping Board

The chopping board is a must-have for every kitchen. However, it can be frustrating to pull out your board and take away valuable cooking space. The great thing about this chopping board is it fits directly over the sink, leaving you with freed up counter space and easy cleanup.

Chopping BoardMagnetic Knife Strip

A knife block takes up counter space. Putting your knives in a drawer is an accident waiting to happen. A magnetic knife strip is the perfect solution. All you need is a small amount of empty wall space to attach the strip to. The magnetic strip will hold your knives and keep them safely out of the way. The strip is also great for other metal objects like lids or metal serving utensils.

Mobile Drainer

Save space in more ways than one with this tool. The mobile drainer sits directly on your sink, rather than on the countertop. When you're done, the drainer can be stored away in a cabinet or left on the sink as a cover.

Mobile DrainerUnder-cabinet Stemware Storage

Counter space is not the only valuable commodity in the kitchen. Sometimes enough cabinet space can be difficult to find as well. Under-cabinet stemware systems allow you to slide your glasses on to the rack and allow them to hang under the cabinet, rather than take up space in the cabinet. Just be sure to place the rack somewhere where the hanging glasses won't interfere with your counter space.

Wall-mounted Canisters

Free up pantry space by storing some of your boxed goods in wall-mounted canisters. These canisters are great for storing cereal, rice, noodles, and beans. They are great space savers, allowing you to get rid of bulky boxes in your pantry. As a bonus, they are a lot more fun to look at.

Pot Rack

If you are finding yourself short on cabinet space, you may want to consider a pot rack. Pots and pans take up a lot of cabinet space. What's great about pot racks is there are so many options. Choose a rack that hangs from the ceiling or one that is mounted to the wall. There are even storage options that allow pot lids to be stored conveniently on your cabinet door rather than sliding all over the shelf.

There's no reason to let a small kitchen get you down. There are many gadgets to help you maximise your kitchen space. With the right tools, you will have the space you need to be cooking gourmet meals and loving your kitchen.