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5 Things People Overlook When Planning a New Kitchen

BY Cook & Bathe

You may have decided that your new kitchen will feature brass and timber, include integrated appliances and blur the lines between the living room and the kitchen by extending the kitchen island out further than ever before. But have you accounted for those little things people overlook when planning a new kitchen?

How much is too much?

It is not easy to estimate how much your new kitchen is going to cost. As a general guide, basic kitchen renovations can cost anywhere between $10,000-$20,0000; standard kitchen renovations between $20,000-$35,000 and premium kitchen renovations upwards of $35,000. To help guide your budget expectations for a new kitchen, adhere to the principle that your kitchen renovations won’t exceed 5 percent of the total value of your home. For a 2-bedroom apartment valued at $500,000, this allows you a generous $25,000 to spend on your new kitchen.

Balance all of your needs

Balance all of your needs

An ample amount of cabinetry is all well and good as long as you can reach them without requiring a stool. There is a growing preference for deep drawers in new kitchen designs, which reduces the need to install eye-level cabinetry while amplifying the sense of visual space within your new kitchen. Remember that any open storage space will require extra cleaning from spills and dust, so balance out your need for practical storage solutions with your desire for a clean look.

Avoid that ‘crooked back’ look

Your new kitchen may look sleek and modern but it will soon lose its designer feel if the cook is buckled over with back pain. The height of your benchtops is one of the first measurements accounted for by a designer, but if you are not working with one you need to remember to factor in the height of those who will be using the kitchen most. Benchtops that are too low will cause gradual neck and lower-back pain, while those that are too high can cause aches in the shoulders and upper-back. The typical kitchen benchtop height is between 900-950mm, but this may differ for those basketballers out there.

Sort out your priorities

Before designing your new kitchen, it is wise to choose your appliances well in advance. Architects and designers recommend doing this to help inform their decisions as they relate to the choice of materials/textures in a new kitchen, the colour palettes used, the incorporation of lighting design and the consideration of layout and appliances affecting the ‘flow’ of the kitchen.

Note: as part of your budgeting, you need to decide how you will weight your investment. Cabinetry is often placed as the highest priority, as well as tapware, as these see the most use. When choosing your appliances at the start of a new kitchen renovation, remember to account for this balance.

Who is steering this ship?

An often overlooked factor in any new build is who your contractors (builders, electricians and plumbers) are going to consult when the little decisions need to be made during the build. Even if you and your partner have made every decision for the new kitchen together, there still needs to be a single ‘project manager’ who the builder calls at lunchtime on a Monday to make those little and inevitable decisions that occur. Warning: this aspect of a build can cause the most friction. If you are democratically elected the project manager, make sure others are kept in the loop throughout the entire process.

For those looking to build new kitchens in Melbourne, Cook & Bathe offer an all-encompassing ‘idea to installation’ service for their customers. Beyond guiding the development of kitchen designs in Melbourne, the team at Cook & Bathe are there through the product selection and installation process to provide a smooth customer experience.