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5 Reasons why you should consider an induction cooktop!

Selecting appliances can be one of the biggest challenges when planning a new kitchen as there’s so many options. When it comes to cooktop selection, gas is often the default choice for renovators, however for good reason, induction cooktops continue to gain popularity for residential kitchens. Here’s why.

Control & Efficiency

There’s no compromise when cooking with Induction. In fact, induction cooking provides unrivalled control of heat and allows your cookware to come up to temperature in just seconds. Many induction cooktops offer exact temperature settings for different cooking modes, from tempering chocolate to keeping water at rolling boil without boiling over. Many models also feature bridging cooking zones for larger pans and boosting power to single zones for rapid heating to make cooking a breeze.


The nooks and crannies of gas cooktops and awkward trivets that take ages to cool down after cooking makes cleaning a real challenge. Cleaning induction cooktops is a breeze as the surface just requires a quick wipe down. What’s more, the surface doesn’t heat, the glass only warms due to residual heat from the pan or pot but once the cookware is removed it cools quickly so you can clean almost straight away!

No gas fitter required

Trades cost money and gas fitting and electrical are jobs best kept to the professionals. Unlike gas cooktops, induction cooktops don’t require a gas fitter to install. A bonus is there’s no extra cost to your gas bill to operate!


Induction cooktops are arguably the safest cooktop type available for the following reasons;

  • The cooktop cannot be activated unless a specified induction pot or pan is placed in a zone
  • The cooktop will turn off automatically when cookware is removed from the zone
  • Cooktop surface only warms due to residual heat preventing burns if accidentally touched
  • No risk of a gas leak
  • No open flames to cause accidental combustion
  • Many models feature additional locking features to prevent children from activating
  • Most models feature a residual heat indicator, so you know when the surface has completely cooled

The look

Each renovator has their own style; however, a sleek, black and almost flush surface is undeniably a great contemporary look for your new kitchen. Most induction cooktops also feature modern touch control panel and minimalist clean graphics.

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