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3 Bang-for-Buck Bathroom Renovation Upgrades Worth Doing

Balancing budget and luxury can be a conundrum when planning a bathroom renovation. Where do you put your money? What luxuries do you go with and go without? Let’s have a look at a few bang-for-buck ideas that you might not have thought of.

Underfloor Heating

You are most likely going to rip up those old dated tiles so why not add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with underfloor heating? Underfloor heating provides energy-efficient, on-demand heating, providing comfort in your bathroom. Nothing’s worse than cold feet in winter! Underfloor heating also provides the added bonus of drying wet areas quickly preventing mould and mildew.

LED Mirror

Let’s face it, you spend quite a bit of time looking at yourself in the bathroom, so why not invest in a luxury mirror? LED mirrors add a contemporary touch and ambience to your space. LED mirrors make it easier for you to do your hair and makeup and many models from quality Australian brands such as Ablaze offer inbuilt demisters for added functionality.

Heated Towel Rail

The humble towel rail is often overlooked in planning a bathroom, but it is integral in creating a functional space. The feeling of a warm, dry towel is truly luxurious, so why not give yourself that feeling every day with a heated towel rail? Products from brands such as Thermorail offer a large range of designs and colourways to complement any bathroom design.

Cook & Bathe offers an extensive range of Underfloor Heating, LED Mirrors and Heated Towel Rails from great brands such as Comfortzone, Thermorail and Ablaze. Check out the range at the Fawkner or Flemington Showrooms.