Akril Grey Tile Tray with Round Drain Rear Outlet 900 x 900mm

Brand: Ascot


The Akril Tile Tray is manufactured from Torbex©, a high strength long glass fibre composite material designed and developed specifically for use in shower trays. The tile tray is a self draining shower system with a built-in fall. This system offers a high quality package for quick and easy installation with watermark certification meeting Australian standards on all outlets. It can also be installed directly onto joists due to it having a built in fall. Easy to install and high-quality, you can be confident that the Akril Tile Tray system will meet both your construction and design needs.



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Installed directly on to joist with a built-in fall to the drain.
Glue tiles directly to the tile tray – no primer needed.
Manufactured from water proof material.
Makes installing a tiled shower base quick and easy.
Suits all tiles.
Dimensions (mm) W:900mm H:900mm
Finish Torbex + Chrome Drain
10 year UV warranty